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Farrah Fawcett in a hardcore vintage threesome

Monday, April 11th, 2016

Farrah Fawcett knew from the start that she is one hot bombshell. She knows what she wants and how to get them. She knows too what would make her look and feel good. These have all been proven just before she rose to fame on films and TV shows. She started posing for sexy posters where she did her own hair and makeup. Producers and photographers are all amazed by this that they wanted her to star in her own sex film, thus this naughty FFM porn clip. Like mentioned, she knows what she wants and this is one of them. She’s an adventurous woman who wanted to try everything and go risky and shit and this desire paid off when she got paired with two of her co-models in the industry and hit it off big time. Filming this hot threesome isn’t like a film at all, her director says, because they were eating each other up and fucking like there’s no tomorrow and it all seemed natural.

Farrah Fawcett goes wild in kinky three way

The chemistry was perfect and Farrah asked for another take and maybe two more or three! You’re lucky to see her enjoy getting her pussy eaten and pleasuring two sex partners at a time. She says her two most favorite parts in this movie are getting her twat licked and eaten and when she shared a cock with her naughty girl mate. She likes sucking on the tip while the other works on the balls and make their co-actor moan with pleasure. Sounds about super hot, eh? Well, knowing that this was shot even before a lot of us were born? I guess our folks are wrong thinking that only the youth in this generation have gone wild and filthy as this started ages ago and we just followed suit!

Farrah Fawcett enjoys hardcore double penetration

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

One of the original angels of Charlie, Farrah Fawcett, is part of another hot group. But this one isn’t fighting crimes of any sort but kinda going on a battle field of horny men ready to get sucked and fucked. This video is like an army of bad lovers punishing Farrah for being the naughty slut that she is. But they might just be admirers of the famous pin-up model who taught men how to get a boner from looking at someone in a swimsuit. If you think Farrah being that hottie is a hit, wait ’til you watch this hardcore video of her going wild while getting fucked in her cunt and ass at the same time.

Farrah Fawcett enjoys double penetration

She wouldn’t get fully satisfied unless you stick your dick in her mouth as she gets plowed by two other men. Let’s just say this is some sort of a training when she handles men and this somewhat tests her endurance when she needed long hours of taping for her shoots. She didn’t have to do workouts in a gym because in this video alone she gets to stretch those muscles and get toned in all ways possible. Look at the way she rides a cock, grinding her hips as she licks and sucks another boner. Talk about multi-tasking, she proves to be a pro with it. Taking in 3 stiff dicks at a time is any man’s dream for a fuck mate and you’ll watch Farrah be that perfect fuck toy for you here.

More Nude Farrah Fawcett Sex Videos

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Yes, let us say a prayer and give Farrah Fawcett a moment of silence.  She sure chose a great day to leave this world, doing it the same time as Michael Jackson!  We sure can’t forget her now, with her passing being tied up with the King Of Pop’s death forever.  Just as we can’t forget her nude images even at a time like this.  Farrah’s always been a sex symbol, ever since the poster that launched her career!  So here we have another one of Farrah’s nude scenes form one of her movies.  Farrah had quite a career during the late 70s-early 80s, appearing in hits like Cannonball Run, but here we see Farrah In a different movie, where she plays naked in a fountain!  We may never see her sexy body and tanned tits again, but we’ll always have her classic work to go over and remember her by!  Click here if you want to see Farrah Fawcett’s lusty videos or dirty pics again.

Nude movie scenes and other sexy videos of Farrah

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Farrah Fawcett may have been a late bloomer when she decided to go naked and even though she did it at age 50, she still has one gorgeous body that can still make men grow weak in the knees. But we later found out that Farrah did some of sexy scenes in her movies and having to lay our eyes on those videos made us go wow and we never thought that such things ever existed… and we are lucky enough to unearth some of those hot nude movie scenes and we are sharing them to all of you die-hard Farrah Fawcett fans out there and for those of you who does not know who Farrah Fawcett is, well she’s one of the most beautiful and stunning Hollywood actresses ever to walk this earth and you can ask your moms, aunts or even your grandmas what a “Farrah-Do” is.

See Farrah do some of the hottest scenes she ever did for a movie like showing her nice tits and perky nipples or get to watch her strip herself naked on stage while doing a play and other raunchy and sexy stuff that you won’t get to see anywhere else. With this nude video collection, you get to see Farrah get a little bit playful and naughty right before your eyes and they are yours to watch when you click on this link and have a grand time at Farrah Fawcett Nude.